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Bat Houses Resources
Building Bat Houses

Building the Johnson Bat House from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center of the US Geological Survey.

Small Bat House Plans

Johnson Bat House Plans

The Organization for Bat Conservation

Why Bat Houses are Important A discussion of why bat houses are important.

Build Your Own Bat House - Video A good 9:44 minute video on Building a Bat House and the Materials and Tools List PDF for the Video.

Free Bat House Plans PDF These plans have lots of pictures and some good instructions.

Picture of a Mounted Bat House This is a labeled picture of a bat house mounted on a brick building.

Picture showing Landing Pad for Bat House This picture shows the bat's landing platform with plastic mesh on the finished bat house.

Buy a Bat House Kit This Single Celled Bat House Kit, for a colony of up to 100 bats, is from the Organization for Bat Conservation,

Buy a Bat House Buy a Bat House at Organization for Bat Conservation

What Bats Eat. Brief info into what bats eat.

Book: A Simple Guide to Bat House Designs. Step by Step Plans for Six Bat House Designs from easy to difficult.

How to Hang your Bat House Summary Page on Mounting your bat house.

How to Hang a Bat House from a Wooden Building including homes with vinyl & aluminum siding, barns and other wooden structures.

How to Hang a Bat House from a Masonry Building including stuctures made of stucco, cement or brick.

How to Mount a Bat House on a Steel Pole installing your Bat House on a Steel Pole.

How to Mount a Bat House to a Wooden Post installing your Bat House on a wooden post.

How to Attach a Bat House to a Swivel Pole installing your Bat Box on a wooden pole that swivels for access.

Pictures of Common Bats in the US from (Google Images) Little Brown Bat - Big Brown Bat - Pallid Bat - Southeastern Bat - Evening Bat

Buy a Organization for Bat Conservation Bat House

Bat Conservation International

Single Chamber Bat House Plans PDF

Criteria for a successful bat house PDF. Includes Design, Construction, Wood Treatment, Sun Exposure, Habitat, Mounting, Protection from Predators, Avoiding Uninvited Guests, Timing, Importance of Local Experimentation.

Certified Bat House Models - Bat Conservation International Certified Bat House Models

Lone Star Woodcraft - San Antonio, Texas - Triple-Celled Bat House
Good Bat House Kit for $39.95 to start

Bat Management

Three Chamber BCM Bat House - Detailed Instructions on how to assemble their Three Chamber BCM Bat House Kit. Used for around 100 bats. height 24"; width: 18", weight: 12 lbs., Internal Chambers 3; chamber spacing 0.75"-1".

Installing a new BCM Bat House - This page gives a suggestion on how to install a bat house on a pole. Good details and pictures.

Bat Condo for up to 7,000 bats. - Wow this is a big bat house. They show a picture of the original Bat Condo that was designed by Cal Butchkoski and built at Canoe Creek State Park in central Pennsylvania as an alternative roost for 15,000 little brown bats in a nearby church. Also check out these pictures of a Bat Condo under Construction. It might give you some ideas if you are looking for a huge bat condo project.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Rocket Bat Box - Great illustration of a Rocket style Bat House. Give the materials needed and instruction on how to build it.

Birds and Bat House combined - illustration - Interesting concept. To find building instructions for the Bat / Bird house combination go to the page and scroll down to close to the bottom of the page. The information is titled bats meet birds.

Carlsbad Caverns Do-It-Yourself Bat House - Good Step by Step Instructions

Rocket Bat House on a Post - Illustration of bat house on a post

Wind Caves Good bat box illustration and text about bats houses bottom of page

Beneficial Bats Backyard Habitat for Wildlife - Great PDF with a Bat House Building Illustration

Picture of installation of a huge bat house see if you can find more pictures.

Small Bat House Good illustration.

Johnson Bat House Good Illustration.

Build a Bat House - Instructions and illustration not especially good.

Oklahoma Bats - Introduction Page - Good Text All Pages Below Listed

Oklahoma Bat Species

Oklahoma Bats in Trouble - Good reasons to build a bat house look at.

Why Build a Bat House - Look at this and the page above.

Bat House Success Secrets - Interesting.

No bats in your Belfry? - Reasons bats might not like your house.

Bat House Management - Problems in bat houses

Bats most likely to use a house - Great Page.

Additional Sources - Not very useful

Bat Trivia - Interesting. Good page.

End of Oklahoma Bat Info

House Bat Management - Many Pages Some Good.

Artificial Bat Roosts - Good Page Alternative Roosts - Bat Towers - Bat Houses - Some Pictures

Bat House Plans - Assembly Directions from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Build a Bat House. Nice article with many pictures from the National Wildlife Federation

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